Our mission

The purpose of The Love & Light Store is to be in service of God for the benefit of Humanity.

That purpose has translated into our mission: To be a loving Sanctuary for the awakening individual. An individual such as yourself.

A safe place where you may explore the spiritual realm and deepen your conscious realization of that which is True and Real.

A secure place where you will be embraced moved and guided to grow and unfold in Love & Light.



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Our Mission is to be a loving Sanctuary for the awakening individual.

The word awakening implies that the process of awakening is infinite and forever ongoing. There is really no beginning or end to our conscious awakening. We simply move from one level to the next.

And so, regardless of how far along the path you may have come, we want The Love & Light Store to be a place where you will feel at home, safe and inspired to go forever deeper and farther.

All are welcome here at The Love & Light Store

How do you know whether you are awakening or not? Simple! If you feel compelled by that which we have to offer here at The Love & Light Store, then you are awakening.

Our mission to be such a loving and dynamic sanctuary for the awakening individual may sound as though we distinguish between individuals. This is of course not so. Everyone is welcome here at The Love & Light Store.

What this means is simply that those who have not yet awakened will most likely have no interest in coming back to our sanctuary. However, our doors are wide open for anyone.

But if your intrinsic desire to wake up has not been activated within you, you will probably not feel the magnetic pull by that which we offer.

If, however you do feel drawn to what you find here – that means that the desire to have a closer realization of that which is Real has been activated within you; and we welcome you here


This is our mission, as we have come to interpret it. We give thanks for it and we stand humble for having received it.