About Daniel Roquéo

Daniel Roquéo is the founder of The Love & Light Store.

It all started one early summer morning in 2107 when Daniel began to catch and receive the seed that is The Love & Light Store.

A seed that is still growing. Still unfolding. A seed, that just as any living seed in nature has a life of its own. A life inherent within the seed.

That was the beginning of a new chapter in Daniel Roquéo’s life. He willingly accepted the mission he had been given. To lovingly support and nurture the Divine seed.

The seed that is The Love & Light Store.


He has later described that experience as having witnessed the birth of a child that night.

Daniel’s initial spiritual awakening had begun a few years earlier as he went through a dark period of his life.

A period of questioning every aspect of the life he had been leading up to that point.

Through studying contemporary teachers such as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Eckhart Tolle, and Bob Proctor, Daniel Roquéo continues to venture deeper and deeper into that which is True and Real.

Just as the purpose of The Love & Light Store is to forever stand in the service of God for the benefit of humanity, that is also the purpose of Daniel Roquéo and his life.

Through his passion and gift of writing, he seeks to move, touch, inspire, empower, and uplift individuals all over the world.

Always seeking to become increasingly open and available for the Love & Light of God to flow through him and his word – into this world.

If you desire, you may follow Daniel Roquéo’s journey along his path of unfolding as he shares it in his personal blog.

Or visit danielroqueo.com, daniel’s professional website.