A bridge between the seeker and the teacher

The Love & Light Store Academy aims to be a bridge between the seeker and the teacher.

Within the framework of being a sanctuary for the awakening individual, The Love & Light Store seeks to be a bridge for easy access. A bridge between teacher and seeker.

As well as a bridge between seeker and teacher. Seekers (of Light & Love) are looking for teachers, and teachers are looking for seekers.

And so a part of our mission is to bring the two together. To within our sanctuary provide a platform where the seeker and teacher will easily find one another.

What this means is that you, at The Love & Light Store will find some of the most renowned teachers of our time in the fields of spirituality, personal development, yoga, meditation, and so forth.

You will not only find them here, but our mission is to make them and their work easily accessible to you.

In a sense, The Love & Light Store will be a kind of marketplace for spirituality and personal growth.

A sort of a smorgasbord (or as we say in Sweden, smörgåsbord) where there will be a little bit of good for everyone, regardless of who you are and where you are.

This is our mission, as we have come to interpret it. We give thanks for it, and we stand humble for having received it.